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Business Property Relief (BPR) may be available to reduce the charge on transfer of relevant business property, subject to the property having been owned for at least 2 years. This relief reduces the tax chargeable by up to 100% depending upon the nature of the property.

A brief summary of the BPR available follows:

Description Relief
Unincorporated business 100%
Unquoted securities which either by themselves or with other such securities gave the transferor control 100%
Any unquoted shares in a company not listed on a recognised stock exchange but including AIM shares 100%
Shares or securities giving control of a quoted company 50%
Land, buildings, machinery or plant in a partnership or in a controlled company or in a settlement 50%

The above reliefs are only due in respect of business assets. Any excess cash, or investments included within a company may be excluded from BPR. It is however worth highlighting that shares in an AIM listed company qualify for BPR.

Anti-avoidance provisions exclude BPR on gifts where the transferor dies within 7 years of making the gift, and the transferee disposes of the gift prior to the transferor’s death.

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